Hello and thank you for checking out my testimonial page.

I do realize that testimonials can be influential in helping you decide whether to book with me, however about 75% of my clients are referrals and past clients.

I often also counsel them after their reading as well so to respect their privacy I don't include their names. I also don't include testimonials from people whose work/business places my sister and I have cleared of unwanted spirits or entities for much the same reason; we don't want it to hinder their business. Trust yourself and your decision to schedule an appointment with me.
Love & Light, Pam

I wish you were wrong about the reading, however over the last few days I realised you were truly seeing through Spirit . . . thank you for the healing..

- Private Reading, Burlington.

Thank you . . . through the words you delivered, I feel a new sense of energy . . . I am forever delighted by the soul-travelers who find their way to help each other, you are among them.

- Private Reading, Newmarket.

There was one person in our group, a non-believer and you made her jump out of her seat and believe!

- Group Private Reading, Oakville.

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