Soul Rescue

Helping Souls move into the Light.

$250 flat fee

Ghosts, spirits, beings . . . can and do inhabit our realm. Sometimes these ghostly visits can make us feel emotions that range from funny, to annoying, and all the way to terrified.

With Soul Rescue, I work with my sister, Roma Black, Energy Worker, Intuitive. She is an amazing energy worker and when we work together, she uses her gift to guide the lost or confused souls that come to me, into the Light.

Roma Black, Energy Light Worker

Roma Black, Energy Light Worker

We will come to your home, office, or any other place that is being haunted, let you know who they are and why they are there. If they are difficult Spirits, we demand they leave. Even if they are pleasant Spirits, we help them realize their need for growth and awareness and that it's time to go Home. After each session, we perform a transformational cleansing ritual and most people feel relief in their minds and hearts as well as a sense of the energy shift on a physical level. Business patrons feel the difference even though they are unaware that we were there. Before we leave we will answer all of your questions.

Please note: When we are dealing with your business, for your privacy, we do not record the sessions nor do we provide details to the public for the testimonials. You are welcome to bring your own device should you wish to record. Travel time over 20 minutes from Burlington may be charged extra; please enquire.

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