Development Circle

Development Circle.

$20/week for 6 week cycles

This Development Circle is meant for those who are deeply interested in developing their mediumistic abilities.

I have had the profound experience of being able to “piggy back” in the energy of each person in the group as they are giving their message. It is something I intellectually understood from my spiritual teachings, but hadn’t experienced it to the degree of being able to be with 6 participants as they read their partner. What this means to you is more clarity as you learn to interpret what Spirit gives you to pass on to the person you’re reading for.

I guide you through a short relaxation meditation to begin each week with the clearest intention to serve in Love and Light.

What you can expect from this group:

Comradery and rapport; a deeper connection building within the group; time for debriefing; clarifications and guidance from me on an individual basis.

We wrap at the end of the 2 hours with a gratitude meditation for all we received during this sacred journey.

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