New Year Resolution Schmezolution

Do you feel that a lot of people are talking about a sense of urgency happening in the world, most of it centered around us being the best of who we are and following our passion? So do I, and I am noticing this emphasis is on the word being and not doing.

2017 can be your best year yet. How can I say this? Because, quite simply, it's the year you're in. Last year, 2016, is only good for lessons, learning and growing yourself. 2018 is coming but not until we experience this year. This is the year we can incubate, nurture and guide ourselves through the hurt, pain or sadness towards a more fulfilling future. You and I are on the same path here; you may have a different way of walking on it, but in the end we all want to be loved, appreciated and seen.

Sometimes to reach your new beginning, you need to visit the past. I'm not talking about re-hashing stuff that's done and serves no purpose to look at again. It's more about making sure you're conscious of the places where you feel hurt, abandoned or unworthy in some way, and then making every effort to use what comes up for you and re-connect to what really matters to you. Life's situations can easily make you move away from who you are, and so you end up existing in ways that meet other people's expectations of you; all the while not understanding why you feel disappointed, rejected or just plain depressed.

So when you're working through your New Year resolutions, whether you made one or 31, remember to look at your list as a way of reflecting who you want to be when you are your best self. Leave behind ideas or resolutions that keep you stuck trying to attain something you don't really want or be someone you aren't - you know the ones, the resolutions that make you want to say "I should..."

Why do I want this for you? Because deep in my soul I know that the more you allow yourself to be who you are and do the things that make your life happy, the more you will feel at peace and be willing to offer compassion to yourself and others - that alone will Light the world.

Love & Light, Pam

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