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    Lotus   The lotus begins her journey deep in the love of Mother Earth. Her darkened space forbids the world to see the inner seed of light that reveals all of who she is. Slowly and irresistibly, she grows upward towards a new way of being. At the perfect moment, her petals bloom…
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New Year Resolution Schmezolution

Do you feel that a lot of people are talking about a sense of urgency happening in the world, most of it centered around us being the best of who we are and following our passion? So do I, and I am noticing this emphasis is on the word being and not doing. 2017 can be your…
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4 Tips to Make Changes Last

Are you looking to Change something in Your Life? Perhaps you’re looking to make changes but are finding it hard to make any type of move towards it. Most of us have something we want to change about our life. We’re human and to be human means we want to strive for more, better or…
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