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About me

With more than 30 years’ experience in multi-disciplines, I will guide you back to feeling empowered with the ability to move forward with confidence.

My biography

To help you I will use my gift as a Spiritual Medium and conscious channeller, along with, Social Service Worker grad, training in hypnotherapy, Landmark Education, Concept Therapy (the laws of the universe) and authoring my book Walking Out of the Fire.  I am honoured to be a contributing author of the #1 best seller, Simply…Woman stories of 30 magnificent women who have risen against the odds. My personal struggles with failed relationships, unsatisfying work environments and lack of self-confidence led to anxiety, domestic violence and many painful lessons; all which led me here to fully understand where you might be suffering. I will bring the best of what I have learned to make it easier for you.

My Education & Experience


Completed: The Landmark Forum, Advanced Course and S.E.L.P. (Self Expression and Leadership Program)

Concept Therapy (laws of the Universe) I studied for 3 years in Toronto, Ontario

Mission statement

I want to help you live a better life by releasing old patterns and stories that no longer serve you so you can recognize when to listen and when to walk away. I’m a crone, a grandmother, a nanna and I’ve likely lived some of your experiences so let me give you my wisdom so you can re-connect with your true self and get the answers you need to expand your consciousness and start living the life you want with fewer regrets.